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SKC-DOTYK is a civil association, registered at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic in 2000 under No. VVS/1-900/90-17066--2 and at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Slovak Republic under No. 29/2004-I/21.4. The scope of activities of the association is the provision of assistance to domestic violence victims and victims of trafficking in human as well as the execution of social prevention and provision of social advisory. Hitherto experience from the activity and from the point of view of complexity and effectiveness of the provided assistance have affected the profiling of contemporary appearance of the organisational structure of our association that is composed of main controlling headquarters and eight organisational units in the individual regions of the Slovak Republic.

Membership in other organisations:

  • CHILD FOCUS - the European centre for missing and sexually abused (exploited) children

What do we provide?

  • Free social and psychological and legal advisory
  • Representation of customers pursuant to Article 53, 54 of Criminal Procedure Code
  • Free advocacy for customers included into assistance programme
  • Crisis intervention /interventions in households, in field /
  • Personal protection in the cases of menace, pursuit /using our own security service/
  • Provision of concealed accommodation
  • Ensuring of basic life needs
  • Personal assistance while arranging official matters
  • Provision of free retraining courses and free accommodation and boarding at the place of retraining
  • Search of jobs
  • Assistance with the socialisation in a new environment
  • Prevention and enlightenment activity
  • Summer camps for maltreated, sexually abused and neglected children
  • NON-STOP help-lines


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